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Take a Journey: Connect with other People who love Telluride

Connect On A

Posted by on 30 April 2015

Part of this blog was written by Emily Shoff. Read the complete article about Journey in the Summer 2015 Visitor Guide.

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We all know the magic that happens when we’re randomly having a conversation with someone and discover they’ve been to some of the same places that we have been. Shared places quickly become a shortcut for knowing someone and knowing them well.  

But what if there were an app that helped you find other people who knew and loved the same places that you did? 

That’s exactly the intent behind the Telluride-rooted app, Journey. Founder Alex Grappo describes the app as a tool for connecting with people who have been to the same places as you. Launching this spring, and partially funded by a Telluride Venture Accelerator grant, the free app got its inspiration from our tiny mountain hamlet. Grappo first visited this place as a child and though he didn’t return until recently, he said returning to Telluride was like coming home. “After all, Telluride is the inspiration behind believing that the places where we spend our time define us.”

The Journey team are releasing the app as soon as they reach 10,000 signups. Help speed up the launch of this app so you can start connecting with other people who share your love of Telluride and other favorite places by sharing this post and signing up for the app at Updates on the release will also be posted to their Facebook page.

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