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Sunshine and David Byrne's Dance Troupe

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We love our acoustic sets in Telluride. Jam bands unite and reunite here.

But then again, after the rousing and sometimes mind-boggling performance by David Bryne and his band last night on the opening day of the 36th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, apparently festivarians respond just as passionately to creative and quirky sounds as they do to string-pickin'.

Quite a delight, Byrne brought a dose of new style funk and innovative rock rooted in a contagious world beat that tied it all together. Plus, here in Telluride, it was refreshing to see a full stage with a drummer AND a percussionist, bassist, plus a dance entourage of choreographed waifs, a trio of soulful voices (and groovy dance moves), all ensconced in a cloud of white. Did I mention the tutus?

With a mix of new songs from his latest solo album, Grown Backwards, and classics from his days as Talking Heads front-man, it was clear Byrne could have played ‘til dawn. To be fair, the crowd responded best to the "rearranged" Talking Heads numbers, including "Burning Down the House" in the finale set.

Just as thrilling as Byrne’s show is the fact the sun has graced us with her presence for two straight days. Don’t get me wrong, the mountain weather has made its appearance, too. Who knows what Mother Nature will bring as we head towards the crux of Bluegrass Weekend. Today, there is not a cloud in the sky so far. And I guarentee you, the fresh poured beers, Killer Flank Steak, corn dogs and not-to-be-missed dumplings ARE calling your name.

Tickets are still available for those on the fence, and lodging deals can still be found. Come on down to Telluride and immerse yourself in what can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience . . . unless, of course, you get hooked and become a festvarian regular. In that case, we'll see you year after year, the third week of June. Happy Bluegrass!


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