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Stickers the Porcupine Relocates

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Stickers the Porcupine, beloved friend of the Telluride Ski Resort, was relocated this morning. In response to Stickers being continually fed by the public, the Department of Wildlife felt the porcupine would fare much better in more natural surroundings. Stickers was comfortable in the cage during the relocation process while munching on peanut butter and granola.  U.S. Forest Service officer Scott Spielman has been monitoring Stickers and claims he is doing well.

“We hate to see Stickers go,” said CEO Dave Riley. “But this was the responsible thing to do for the porcupine. We want to ensure a happy life for Stickers in the wild.”

Stickers the Porcupine became quite a socialite in his own right, greeting and meeting with guests throughout the week, mostly on the runs accessed by the Prospect Bowl lift. But things had taken a wrong turn. Visitors began feeding Stickers a multitude of things not good for porcupines, and because porcupines have poor eyesight, Stickers had been mistaking fingers for food lately.

“Unfortunately, this is a direct result of people feeding wildlife, and now Stickers is always waiting for that next morsel of food,” said Jeff Proteau, vice president of mountain operations for the resort. “He is now habituated to humans, and this is not a good thing.”

The Department of Wildlife moved Stickers to a more desirable location, possibly near Woods Lake to live amongst his fellow porcupines. Stickers will be missed by ski patrol and the Telluride Ski Resort, along with many locals and guests alike. Good luck to Stickers.


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