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Spring is Here; Time to Clean!


Spring is finally here in Telluride (we hope!). Before the madness of summer and the many festivals begins, you have one more weekend to do some serious spring cleaning.

To start, get rid of your electronics, hazardous materials and other hazardous household waste at three different events in Telluride this weekend.

The first takes place Friday and Saturday from 10am-4pm on Black Bear Road. Drop off anything from yard waste (like leaves and branches) to scrap metal and home appliances.

On Friday and Saturday from 10am-3pm at the county parking lot in Lawson Hill, you can drop off old televisions, computers, keyboards, printers, cell phones, and other electronics.

The third takes place on Saturday from 8am-1pm in the parking lot behind the Telluride High School. Drop off batteries, varnish, solvents, aerosols, old prescription medications and more.

*Please note that small fees apply for the disposal of some waste. Thank you to the Telluride Daily Planet for providing the information on Spring Clean Up in Telluride.

Other spring cleaning tips:

  1. Organize your closets! Get rid of unused cloths and accessories. Organize the rest by color.
  2. Clean painted walls. Just use a clean cloth or a sponge and water. If that doesn’t work, mix together some mild dishwashing liquid and water, and wipe down the walls using a clean cloth.
  3. Clean your windows! Dirt and water residue collects on your windows, causing a film that blocks the amazing sunlight we get in Telluride. Wash your windows, and you will be surprised at all the extra light that comes in!
  4. Wash your cabinets (inside and out).
  5. Wash your baseboards.
  6. Clean your light fixtures/ ceiling fixtures.
  7. Clean out your fridg, then wipe down the shelves.
  8. Dust your blinds.
  9. Clean under furniture and appliances
  10. Clear out your pantry.

Tips collected from House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, and Better Homes and Gardens. Photo from Better Homes and Gardens. 

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