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Skis and Snowboards are Necessary P.E. Equipment in Telluride










There are countless reasons why kids who grow up in Telluride are very lucky, but one reason that stands out the most -- Ski P.E. Yes that’s right, Telluride children get to take full advantage of the ski resort in our backyard (visible from many classroom windows) and hit the slopes.

Ski Pe

All the kids skis on a day of Ski P.E. (photo Kevin Holbrook)

One day a week in January and February, kids get to trade the basketballs, volleyballs and gymnasium drills for skis and snowboards. They go skiing for P.E.  The Ski P.E. program gives the kiddos an abundance of snow time which enables them to become little rippers at a very early age. 

The groups ski all over the mountain and hit some very challenging terrain. One group of 5th graders this week skied Gold Hill 9 on the day it opened for the season. These kids had a whole chute of untracked powder all to themselves. Talk about lucky!

When you are riding the lifts at Telluride and see a pack of kids carving effortlessly down the mountain, your first thought might be “Wow, those little kids ski a lot better than I do.” Do not get down on yourself.   While you were in the gym doing pushups and relay races during PE, they were on the slopes.  If only we could all grow up in Telluride.

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