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Sheridan Opera House + Blind Pilot = Good time

Blind Pilot

TTB staffers went to see the Portland, OR band Blind Pilot on Monday night at the Sheridan Opera House. The band, an American Indie Folk group, has played in Telluride in the past.

Lead singer Israel Nebeker said, after their opening song,

"It's good to be back in Telluride. I know people always say stuff like that, but we really mean it." 

Here is a sound clip from their performance:


Props to the Sheridan Opera House for bringing in amazing acts! Here are a few of the upcoming shows:

Deer Tick (Sunday, July 24th)

Hip Hop Night with Skoolkid D & DJ Soul Automic (Sunday, July 30th)

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper with Phil Lee (Saturday, August 13th)

Scott Cossu (Friday, September 30th)

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