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The Reset Button


I hate to admit it, but we needed more snow here in Telluride, Colorado. Our last big storm descended upon the hills just before the New Year. In the weeks since then, we skied and snowboarded it all up, every last flake. While it wasn’t snowing, we remained hopeful and hit the new terrain park for grins, but we longed for powder. And this week, with Los Angeles being pummeled by torrents of rain, it’s happened. In the last seven days, Telluride received 21 inches—enough to cover every mogul, every track, every last bit of the ski resort.

It’s as if someone hit the reset button and all is magically soft and white again. The ski area opened 25 minutes ago. Right now, skiers and snowboarders are getting their first face shots of the day. People are hollering and bouncing through the fluff. I bet there’s even someone who has already taken a tumble and is digging around in search of a runaway ski. Once composed, that person will point their tips down the hill again and catch up to their friends. Or maybe not. There are no friends on a powder day, right?

According to the National Weather Service, snow will continue through the weekend. Whoever has their finger on that reset button, I hope they just keep hitting it.


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