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Rain, rain, go away... but if you don't...


For a town bursting with outdoor activities, it can be a bummer when it rains. Although you might have to cancel that hike or horseback riding excursion, you can fill in the blanks with many other rainy-day activities. See our top 5 best crappy-weather activities below:

5. Enjoy a movie at the Nugget Theatre:

So we know what you're thinking: "I can watch a movie in any city!" But enter the Nugget Theatre and step back in time. The Nugget building was built in 1892 as the First National Bank. Since its transformation into the Nugget Theatre in 1935 it has premeired many movies each year during the Telluride Film Festival.

Note: Save your ticket stub for a chance to win popcorn before the movie starts!

4. White water rafting or kayaking:

You're already going to get wet doing any activity on the water so why not embrace it? Most river sport outfitters will continue their river excursions during rainy weather (as long as their is no thunder or lightening).

Another great river activity to enjoy in the rain? Tubing down the San Miguel River. Visitors and locals alike drop in tubes (can be purchased at ACE hardware) at Telluride Town Park and enjoy at 30 minute ride down the river.

3. A day at the Spa:

Telluride and Mountain Village have over 10 world-class spas to choose from. Take a break from hiking and climbing to get a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and more.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing:

For those wanting to work some muscles, Telluride has two indoor climbing walls to choose from. If you are staying in town, walk on over to Telluride Gravity Works on East Colorado Avenue and spend some time on their wall. Gravity works offers 90 linear feet of climbing, ranging from 10 to 20 feet tall with marked routes and bouldering up to 14 feet.

For those staying up in Mountain Village, stop by The Peaks Resort & Spa. Not only does their spa offer great spa services but it also features a pilates studio and indoor rock climbing wall.


1. Ah Haa School Classes:

Outside of having an amazing gallery for visitors to wander through, the Ah Haa School offers a phethora of classes that can be tailored however you would like. Learn to paint, throw pottery, take pictures, make jewelery, sew clothing and more.

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