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What Makes Telluride So Special?

Happy Days

When I strike up a conversation with a guest on the gondola, on a hiking trail or chair lift, they often ask, “What is your favorite thing about living in Telluride?” This is a tough question to answer because it's so hard to choose just one. There are so many incredible things about living in such a special place: the lifestyle; our beautiful backyard with every outdoor activity under the sun; being able to bike or walk everywhere; a nurturing environment to raise kids. However, if I absolutely had to select one thing, it would be our amazing community that is so supportive and welcomes you with open arms.

You are constantly encouraged to take risks, embrace life and step out of your comfort zone. That spirit is what drove me to sign up for a triathlon, an activity that was at the very bottom of my bucket list (so low down that I didn’t really ever think it was going to get checked off).

But when I was approached by a group of 11 phenomenal women who said “Come on, let’s do it,” how could I possibly say no? I am totally out of my element and the weakest link among this athletic bunch by a long shot. One has climbed Everest, another was a competitive swimmer in college, one is a top-level cyclist that wins every race she enters, and then there is me. The one who has never been on a road bike and is such a weak swimmer, there is a very strong possibility I might sink to the bottom halfway through the mile swim. But this group encouraged me and made me think that I could accomplish this monumental task. We will train together and they will push me. When I want to quit, they will encourage me to put one foot in front of the other and finish the day’s workout. Crossing the finish line will be a huge celebration and accomplishment but the best part of the whole experience will be getting to spend time with such an amazing group of woman who support and encourage me just like the greater community of Telluride. 

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