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40th Annual Telluride Film Festival Non-Pass Holder Events

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If you missed your chance to buy your pass, or just happen to be in town for the 40th Annual Telluride Film Festival, you can still participate!

Film Fest Blog 2 2013 Head to the Abel Gance Open Air Cinema in Telluride’s Elks Park for free daily events.

Film Fest Blog 3 2013

The schedule is as follows:


12pm Seminar Survival Tactics- When stories of cinema become a matter of life and death, on the screen and behind the scenes. 

8:30pm All is Lost – A rigorous and gripping tale of solitude, action and danger, pitting a loneman against the relentless menace of nature in all of its indifference and destructiveness.U.S., 2013, 107m. Directed by J. C. Chandor, Starring Robert Redford. 


12pm Seminar Moving Pictures- How is narrative shaped by evolving visual strategies? What makes a story cinematic?

4pm Conversation- TBA

8:30pm Death Rides a Horse- A kid witnesses the death of his parents and sets off to get revenge; he finds an older mentor to help him. Italy, 1967, 114m. Directed by Giulio Petroni. 


12pm Seminar Extreme Performance- How do actors and directors push beyond their boundaries?

4pm Conversation- Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas Cuaron 

8:30pm Tracks- A smitten National Geographic photographer (charmingly played by Adam Driver of Girls), and Aboriginal elder (Roly Mintuma) who communicates to her without words- TRACKS’ core delights are the uncannily varied beauty of the desert landscape and its creatures, and the wonderful ways Wasikowska expresses her curiosity, fascination, and amusement in response to them. Australia, 2013, 110m. Directed by John Curran. Starring Mia Wasikowska.  


8:30pm TBA

Grab some blankets, a chair, and head on over! Make sure to get there early to reserve a spot for you and your family and/or friends.

 Film Fest Blog 4 2013

These SHOWS will not disappoint, and will have you coming back for next year’s festival! 

For more information on the festival, visit their website here

Content with film narratives and festival information taken from theTelluride Film Festival App. Download it now from you App Store. 

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