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Made in Telluride Moments: The Arts of Telluride

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When asked to describe Telluride, most travelers will make note of the ski terrain, unmatched scenic beauty and summer festivals. Telluride's vibrant art community adds yet another colorful layer to the traveler's experience. Our small community of 2,100 full-time residents includes some of the most talented artists in the country and the world, consistently executing award-winning projects from all forms including theatre, music, culinary, architecture, visual arts and more.  


In the fall of 2013, Colorado Creative Industries designated Telluride as one of seven Creative Districts in the state. With the beauty of surroundings providing inspiration to all those who call the Box Canyon home, it's no wonder we made the list. 

Our latest episode of Made in Telluride Moments touches on the amazing diversity of Telluride arts from theatre to dance, culinary to music and more. 


Visit Telluride was honored to work with such amazing talent in the process of producing this video. Want to find out more about the artists and venues? See the below list and click on each link for more information:


Telluride Theatre

Sheridan Arts Foundation Young People's Theatre


Ah Haa School for the Arts

Sheridan Opera House

Visual Arts:

Judy Haas

Robert Weatherford

Kathy Green


Emily Robinson

Emily Coleman

Jesse Lamb

Matisyahu at the Sheridan Opera House by Keith Hill




Honga's Lotus Petal


The Butcher & the Baker

Rhiannan Chandler


Wagner Custom Ski & Snowboard

Want to learn how you can become involved in the Telluride arts community? Visit the Telluride Arts District website HERE.

Want to see Telluride arts in action? Visit our event calendar to see when the next play, art walk, festival or event are happening HERE

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