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A Love Affair Still Going Strong After 20 Years

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This past weekend marked my 20 year anniversary in Telluride but I can assure you I NEVER intended to stay this long.  Knowing that I didn’t want to pursue my degree in broadcast journalisms after I graduated from CU Boulder, I came up with what I thought was a fantastic fall back plan-move to a mountain town to experience life as a ski bum for a year, maybe two tops. 

And 20 years later, here I sit still as enamored with Telluride as I was when we first met. Telluride is like that first true love that you never shake. I still feel its powerful tug on my heart after all these years.

It is hard to define in words what I love most about Telluride, but here is my humble attempt at creating a top 10 list: 

  1. Where else can you go on a quick hike or run for a lunch break in the summer and make some (hopefully powder) turns in the winter
  2. You don’t have to make plans. Just walk down Main Street and you will bump into the people you want to catch up with. 
  3. Driving has never been my strong suit so being able to ride my cruiser bike or walk everywhere is a blessing (and a bonus for the environment).
  4. The sense of community is amazing.  
  5. Watching the mountains light up from the alpen glow while sipping a cocktail at one of our many restaurants.
  6. There is always something to do in the summer with an amazing line up of festivals and events. People watching during Bluegrass is especially exciting. 
  7. On powder days, I can ski down my street to the lift. No need to hassle with driving a car to go skiing.
  8. There are so many great ways to cool off on a hot summer day-tube down the San Miguel River or jump into a high alpine lake after a long hike.
  9. There is no better place to teach your kids how to ski than Telluride-wide open slopes with no crowds and no lift lines.
  10. Coming back from an amazing vacation is a breeze when you get to come home to Telluride

Through the years, many friends have often asked me “Where will you go when you leave Telluride.” I still don’t have an answer to that question because where do you go after Telluride? It’s hard to get any better than this. 




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