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Layer Cake

To Rafting

With the arrival of each season, I learn something new about the natural environment that surrounds Telluride. This May, the rivers have been running at unprecendented levels (CFS). Apparently, the way the snowpack came together this winter - with periods of heavy snowfall separated by weeks of sunshine and dry conditions - there was in essence a layered effect. Imagine a multi-layered cake, where layers of snow and dirt debris have piled up over time.

Add to this the arrival of summer and consistent temperatures, these layers of dirt debris have warmed up and created the perfect melting storm. The snow is going faster than normal. You can see signs of this accelerated melting effect everywhere in the valley - the San Miguel River is flowing rapidly and the glorious waterfalls in the box canyon are putting on quite a show.

The best news . . . it is makes for the perfect conditions for rafting and kayaking. The local outfitters anticipate an exciting but shorter than normal season. Peak time is now, and the rapids will most likely hold strong through June and then start slowing down. Up for an adventure? Take advangtage of great lodging rates this summer with our Stay & Play Packages including a guided rafting trip starting from only $99 right now.

For all you fly-fishers out there, it won't be long as the rivers and creeks quiet down next month. And just imagine, you'll have all your secret spots to yourself . . .


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