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How to Think About Snow in a Ski Town


This blog is written by Visit Telluride blog contributor, Jesse Mctigue. It appeared in her Snow Sunday blog on Telluride Inside and Out. 

Last week, I had a crappy week. I don’t mean “ski town crappy” in that it was off-season so my favorite yoga class was cancelled or the Butcher and Baker had sold out of all their sausage breakfast burritos or I couldn’t go backcountry skiing right after the season’s first major storm—although all of those things happened.

I mean “real world crappy” in that my computer crashed, the plumbing in my house stopped working, I had to take a 40-hour professional development class, make sure the dog got walked and kids got fed (apparently you have to feed them), and hold down my day job – all while my husband happened to be out of town.

It was a hectic, scattered, disjointed five days. The kids got shuffled from friends to sitters, the dog didn’t get walked and peed in the house, and I spastically hurried from one thing to the next. Then Sunday night came and it all changed. The clouds started to gather, the humidity dropped, and snowflakes started to fall. A calm came over our house.

The wind picked up and the snow fell harder, swirling through the naked aspens in our front yards. We turned on the porch lights watching them illuminate the white lines of snow falling from the sky, sticking to the ground, and quickly erasing the landscape. The harder it snowed, the more peaceful it was. We felt like we were in our own little cocoon inside in the house, while it stormed around us.

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