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Historic Pub Crawl: Last chance to drink a beer to history

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At the turn of the last century you couldn't swing a saloon girl in Telluride without hitting a watering hole: there were at least thirty-seven. Money and opportunity hung like a carrot on a stick, out of reach for most. Lust was rampant.

Don't miss your opportunity to learn about Telluride's illustrious (or not so illustrious) bar history while enjoying a cold one during the Telluride Historical Museum's last Historic Pub Crawl of the year. Tickets will sell out fast so get yours now!

Wednesday, September 14 5:30p.m. RSVP in advance! Tickets are $30

Watch Telluride Newb's video on the event and read their blog post about it here

Telluride Newb | EP11 from Telluride Newb on Vimeo.

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