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2011 Guide to Telluride Summer Activities

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The story has been told a millions times by the locals in Telluride—“I came for the winter and stayed for the summer.” And anyone that has visited the Box Canyon during the warmer months can attest to the wonderful plethora of activities available and the breathtaking beauty of the San Juan Mountains.

For a town where the dogs possibly out-numbers humans, cars find no stoplights and residents easily walk from the far east side of town to west side within 20 minutes, visitor’s might ask, what could a town this size have to offer? But this is not your run of the mill small, western town. A person could vacation here the entire summer and still not experience everything Telluride has to offer.

Thus begins our Guide to Telluride Summer Activities post! As a visitor, you are only asked to meet the following requirement:

1. Love the great outdoors, even if you only view it from an open window

Let’s start with water activities. So you decided not to make it to the beach or the lake this year but still want to enjoy the water? The San Miguel, Dolores and Gunnison Rivers can be seen with visitors and locals alike fly fishing, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and swimming all summer long. Telluride has nine different outfitters that offer tours for all of these activities. In addition, Telluride Town Park offers families a wonderful community pool, free to kids 3 and under.

Note: Rafting and kayaking are better to be planning in the earlier months of summer so try to plan your trip in June and early July to have your best experience.

Of course, if you find yourself to be more of a terrestrial vacationer, you are still in the right place! Telluride’s scenic beauty is second to none and some of the best ways to experience the best views can’t be reached in a car. Mountain biking, horseback riding, ATV/motorcycling, 4x4 off-roading and hiking are only a few of the ways visitors can make their way around town.

Note: Some of the most fascinating trails take you to Telluride’s ghost towns. These towns were occupied during Telluride’s booming mining days and some were still in use until the 1930s. Two of these more notable trails include Alta Lakes and Tomboy Road.

Visitors can also partake in rock climbing along extensive wall faces throughout the San Juan Mountains. Many climbing and bouldering routes can be found in Telluride, Mountain Village and surrounding areas. Telluride is also home to indoor climbing walls and Adventure Rock in Mountain Village.

Note: Several guide services are available to provide rock climbers of any level the best climbing experience.

For those wanting to fit-in 18-holes, Telluride Ski & Golf offers a par 71, 6,739-yard mountain resort course that opens on May 27, 2011. Or for the frisbee golf fanatic, Mountain Village offers a free course open from 7 a.m. until sunset all summer long.

So there you have it, ladies and gents. A quick overview to summer activities in Telluride! 

Until next week (where we will discuss Telluride summer festivals), enjoy this summer in Telluride video created by Ben Knight. We promise, if you see this you will want to come!

All photos provided by Tibor Nemeth.

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