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From Gold to White: Winter is Here

Winter Is Here

The weather has officially changed. It is dumping snow and it feels like winter. It couldn’t have come at a better time as the ski area opens in two weeks on Thanksgiving day.

This storm (which is supposed to last through Saturday) has created a palpable energy and buzz through town.  Ski shops will be busy this weekend waxing and mounting up skis while locals take inventory of their winter gear. Decisions will have to be made-what pair of skis will be posted to sell on Telluride Sweet Deals so that a new pair of skis can be added to the quiver.  Parents will be sorting through ski clothes for the children, hoping the brand new jacket and pants from last year still fit. 

There is no better way to get psyched for ski season than to watch our favorite “Winter Teaser” by the talented Ben Knight, who is now an award-winning documentary film maker that produced DamNation.

Just a warning, after watching this video, you might be short of breadth with an overwhelming desire to ski and find that white gold of untracked bliss. 

Click here to watch video 

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