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Fly fishing with San Miguel Anglers

IMG 0966

Dave Hill's white Ford F150 looks just as it should. High suspension wheels (you really must go off-roading to get to the good rivers), fishing pole/gun rack in the back window and a cowboy hat rack on the interior of the roof. The second you climb into the passenger seat of his truck you know you are in for a good time.

Dave, who has been a professional fly fishing guide for over 20 years, took this TTB staff member and Telluride Newb's Gavin Anstey out on the Dolores River this morning. Because we were on a time crunch (so I could get back and create this for you all) we did a quick morning trip with the San Miguel Angler guide.

Fish count by the end of our trip (the fish took a while to wake-up...the water was cold): 3 brookies and 1 Colorado cutthroat.


Stay-tuned for a great video about the San Miguel Angler's fly fishing trips. Until then, enjoy the below pictures from the trip!





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