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Family Fresh Cooking: Telluride Mountain Film 2011

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Visit Telluride Note: Marla Meridith of the popular family blog "Family Fresh Cooking" has been visiting and enjoying our wonderful world of Telluride for many years now. With great, informative content and beautiful photography we re-post her blog entry about skiing in Telluride in February 2012. To see more of her posts visit her blog site here

Mountain Film Telluride 2011, Colorado. USA

Welcome to the place I like to call home…the place that feeds my soul, whether or not I am in it’s actual presence. Even though I am not in Telluride full time, the energy and community in this high altitude mountain town brings me joy and great inner peace. I have been traveling to Telluride since winter 2003 and spend roughly 6 weeks a year in my happy place. I knew this trip for my first Mountain Film would be very different than the others… brought everything full circle.

Telluride Mountain Film Festival 2011

Social media formed the backbone to this festival with an all ready strong spine. In it’s 32nd year Mountain Film has grown into a leader in the pack. It now travels around the world but it has it’s roots in this box canyon hence, “Born and Raised in Telluride.” From Twitter, toFacebook to my new favorite Instagram (you can follow me there @marlameridith)…social media was on fire. Another great way to stay connected & hear about the latest schedule updates.

Telluride Mountain Film Festival 2011

As I look back at my tweets from Mountain Film I notice they set up a sturdy outline for this post. You will see them throughout this post with the hashtag #mtnfilm. Let’s set the stage with this:

“When you touch nature it touches you back.” Take note of what is under your feet. #mtnfilmvia Katie Lee eco-activist 5.27.2011

Mountain Film Telluride 2011, Colorado. USA

“High altitude brings high achievements.” via David Holbrooke #mtnfilm Festival Director. Lovely tribute to his father Richard today. 5.28.2011

David Holbrook, the festival director stated it perfectly during the tribute for his father the lateRichard Holbrook. Richard was one of America’s most important Diplomats and peace makers. He was a Telluride local who apparently cruised around town in his long johns. Telluride holds no judgements. Come as you are and people will love you.

Mountain Film Telluride 2011, Colorado. USA

“Awareness into Action”was the festival theme this year. Reaching within to reach out to others was my take. Once we become aware of what is around us we can take steps to help others. Taking appropriate risks and chances with ourselves can bring us to a higher state.

Black Telluride Baseball cap with camera bag

I explained to a friend of mine that Telluride sets me straight. It peaces out my mind and takes this high energy girl to a calmer zone. A zone where mind, body, creativity, passion and drive become one. The mountains encourage me to find my center. Spirituality is heightened and I feel a closer connection to my higher power. After speaking to many people at the festival I came to realize they felt the same.

Buddhist prayer flags on art gallery in Colorado Rocky Mountain town

Every conversation I had with attendees, locals, photographers, athletes and film makers was filled with enthusiasm for life. People kept asking what was my favorite part of the schedule? All I could do was smile. The movies, symposiums, coffee talks, gallery walks – all of them painted the big picture. Each element of the festival brought a unique opportunity to witness life fueled with desire to really LIVE. Thinking outside the box, not being trapped in the material is the essence of this experience.

Red Brick hotel Building in historic mining town Telluride

Environmentalists, activists, creative thinkers, citizens of humanity. That is #mtnfilm 5.28.2011

Below is Aaron Huey. An exceptional humanitarian and photographer who has lived with and documents the lives of the Native American Indian tribe, the Lakota. He is passionate about spreading the word about the injustice of these people who were forcibly moved off their land and confined to the Pine River Reservation in South Dakota.

Telluride Mountain Film 2011 Aaron Huey Photographer

The schedule is very full and it is hard to see everything, but you do what you can. Some amazing film screenings I had the chance to see are listed here, please view the links to read more about them. Click here for the full list of films.

  • Cold – See what happens when mountaineers climb 8000 meter Gasherbrum II, in thewinter.
  • Deadliest Catch – I cannot believe how these fishermen risk their lives to bring us…..crab?!
  • Happy – The thrill of discovering what keeps us happy in life.
  • The Baffin Babes – 4 hot chicks ski across 1200km in the frigid Canadian Arctic region, the Baffin Islands
  • Truck Farm – Did you know you can plant a garden in your pick-up truck? Amazing!
  • Yosemite Falls High-Line – Walking a tightrope over the raging Yosemite Falls. Freaking awesome!

I attended the awe-inspiring musical performance by Prudence Mabhena. She has the voice of an angel.

Prudence Mabhena sings at the Palm Theater in Telluride, Colorado

Did I mention there was ice cream?

People standing in line in Telluride for ice cream near clock tower.

The lightheartedness of the Ice Cream Social sweetens the experience for more community bonding and light hearted banter. Mountain Film plays up the importance of sustainability. Throughout the festival participants are asked to bring their own cups, bowls, etc. It is a low impact festival with no single use containers at all. I was thrilled to finally attend an event with no swag bag.

Giant buddhist prayer wheel at Mountain Film festival

This community of like-minded people all in deeply calm, satisfied flowing states is what stands out the most from this magical Memorial Day weekend in the Rockies. Perhaps you can make the trek yourself sometime. It will change your life and charge you with energy, action and awareness.

@tellurideinside Awesome meeting you guys tonight. “Happy” was great huh! I stopped by the adrenaline films too – amazing. 5.28.2011

Telluride Mountain Film Festival 2011 - Night Movies in Town Park

They showed the super active “adrenaline” film screenings at night in Town Park’s Base Camp Outdoor Theater.

What is your happy place? Have you ever been to a film festival?

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