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End of Season MUST SEES: Urinetown & Burlesque

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Telluride's theatre community is no community theatre. 

There. We said it. The cat's out of the bag. 

Telluride Theatre, founded by long-time Telluride locals Sasha and Colin Sullivan, has produced a myriad of shows over the years to rave reviews. With past performances including "Hair," "The Importance of Being Earnest," "Rocky Horror Picture Show," as well as outstanding original productions, the troupe really knows how to put on a show. 


Their end of season performance of "Urinetown" is sure to please! Don't miss the show running today through Sunday (March 13-16) at the Palm Theatre.

Is the title throwing you off? Check out Telluride Inside and Out's synopsis here:

“Urinetown” tells the sad tale of a Gotham-like metropolis in a dystopian future, a place where hope (or Hope) goes to die. Water is so scarce private toilets have been outlawed and people have to pay to pee in urinals run by an evil monopoly. While the wealthy get fat off the tolls of the poor, the less fortunate clutch their groins and beg for coins to gain entry into piss-poor public amenities. But when Hope – a running joke throughout the production – daughter of the dastardly dandy who runs the Urine Good Company (puns abound throughout) falls in love with a would-be revolutionary named Bobby Strong, the stage is set for a showdown between the oppressed poor and the corporate badasses.

Want to read the entire article? Click here


So you missed Urinetown (visit the Telluride Theatre website to see a full list of their upcoming performances here), don't miss Burlesque! A season favorite, the 4th annual Burlesque fundraiser resurrects the raucous and raunchy variety shows of Telluride’s vaudeville era, featuring dancing, comedy, acrobatics and beautiful local women.

You won't want to miss this amazing event. March 26, 28, 29th. Want to find out more? Click here

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