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CoolSculpt: While Supplies Last


Temporary art is sometimes a puzzling concept. Why expend such effort on something so ethereal? That question was answered over Martin Luther King weekend in Mountain Village at the sixth annual CoolSculpt competition. With snow as the medium, four giant sculptures were completed for all to see and explore.

While sculpting in snow might sound akin to building a snowman, that’s definitely not the case. Manmade snow from the ski area is packed into 8-foot by 8-foot boxes. The plywood forms are then removed, and dense snow blocks remain in which sculptors use axes, picks and other serious tools to carve shapes. Working in this medium is hard, and cold, work.

This year’s winner is titled “White Castle” and was built by a group of architects called the D.O. Double Gs. Complete with turret, functional stairs and an elfish character, the castle soon became a fairytale playground for children who explored medieval games on ice. Another popular sculpture with both the kids and judges is titled “When the Cats Away…”. Joe Cannella, who has a B.F.A. in life drawing, took this playful idea and added multiple elements. Frolicsome mice enjoyed a bacchanalian feast and hung from, peered around and even fell asleep on an enormous block of cheese. 

The third-place sculpture, “Kiddo Playing Space Invader Game” highlighted a seated child—complete with scarf, skirt and boots—with a joystick. A collective group from The Mountain School, aided by art teacher Craig Wasserman, sculpted the fourth entry: the head of beautiful big horn sheep (see photo).

These giant snow sculptures will be on display until…well, until they’re gone. So take a walk through Heritage Plaza and discover the appeal of temporary art while it lasts.

(Click here for more information about CoolSculpt.)

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