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Celebrating Summer


Never-have-beens always ask me, “Why should I visit Telluride?” And normally I would recite a poetic summation similar to the one found in our Visitor Guide such as, “Summer in Telluride has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the solitude of a high alpine meadow filled with wildflowers, the revelry of a huge outdoor music festival or the adrenaline buzz of a rafting trip or a mountain biking trail, Telluride will exceed your expectations.” (Summer in Telluride has a reputation of ‘festival fever’ with a calendar-packed scene that is sure to attract any interest. See the music, artistic and cultural event summer schedule here.)

But usually the answer falls on something words cannot describe: beauty. I’ve always struggled to describe the epic stance of Ajax, the gnarled peaks of the Sneffels and the humbling sensation of the surrounding San Juans.   Finally, I have an answer. Finally, someone summed up every emotion evoked by our tiny box canyon paradise. Thank you, Ben Knight, and your stunning cinematics. Please enjoy a three-minute peek into the magic of Telluride summers and autumns.    

  This Summer Venture Out video is Ben’s complement to his 2009 Winter Venture Out video, a soulful look into Telluride’s small town vibe and the quintessence of winter.  


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