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A Telluride Love Affair Still Going Strong

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I distinctly remember what I was doing on Saturday, June 4, 1994.  The memory will never fade as it marked my first day as a Telluride resident. I awoke to an unfamiliar sound outside my window and as I pulled back the shade, I was greeted by a hot air balloon floating down the alley. The Balloon Festival kicked off my Telluride love affair.

22 years later, my love for Telluride is as strong as ever. I am still in awe and filled with gratitude on a daily basis. The 33rd Annual Balloon Festival kicks off tomorrow; I will once again enjoy the balloons floating over the valley and be reminded why there is and will always be, only one Telluride. It’s hard to summarize what I enjoy most about Telluride but here are just a few:


The Beauty: Telluride still takes my breath away. The sight of 13,000 foot jagged peaks, waterfalls flowing and fields of wildflowers will never get old. There is something magical in these mountains

wildflower field

The People: Main Street is only 6 blocks long but it takes at least 20 minutes to walk its length as you constantly chat with friends about local politics, hike of the day, dinner suggestions, etc.  Telluride is full of passionate people who enjoy the rich quality of life that it provides.

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The Backyard: There are few places I can think of that provide such amazing access to the outdoors, right out the back door.  Many biking and hiking trails start from town. Power lunches –taking a quick hike or bike ride-are the norm and are a great way to reenergize. 

caci hike

The Transportation: I never officially owned a car until my mid 30’s (but managed to total two cars prior to that). With my driving track record, it is a true blessing that  everything in Telluride  is biking or walking distance. If I am feeling lazy, I can always hop on the free Galloping Goose Bus or the gondola to get to Mountain Village.


I have lived in Telluride longer than anywhere and I couldn't be happier. This is a relationship that only gets better with time. 


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