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35th Annual Mountainfilm- Reflecting a Few Weeks Later

Mtn Film

The weather Memorial Day weekend was phenomenal; it was a weekend full of those days that inspire good moods in all. The films and discussions of the festival added to the mood, and even if some of the films made you seriously think about life and your place in it, they, for the most part, had a feel-good vibe that made you inspired to give back, help, or simply be more grateful for the life you lead.

Ranging from the inspiring story of a 17-year-old who has progeria, a disease in which the average life span is 13 years, to a film about living in tiny homes, the films had people laughing, crying, and standing up in applause showing appreciation, awe, and gratefulness for the creators and participants willing to share their stories via film.

TTB staff favorites included:

Duk County tells the story of two ophthalmologists, and their teams, who travelled to South Sudan to complete over 200 eye surgeries in just two days. With footage of the doctors removing cataracts and replacing them with what looked like thick contact lenses, the film discussed the importance of the surgeries for these people in order to survive in their communities. The footage captured the patients removing their eye patches for the first time, and the smiles on their faces cannot be forgotten. Click here to learn more about the film. 

In this photo, John Dau, one of the original Lost Boys of Sudan, discusses bringing the ophthalmologists to South Sudan at the Historic Sheridan Opera House in Telluride.  

Life According to Sam delves deep into the life of the Burns family. Sam Burns has progeria, a disease that kills most by the age of 13. He is 16. He has an amazing outlook on life, and continues to try (very successfully) to live the life of a normal teenager. His parents, both doctors, have dedicated their lives to researching progeria and how it can be slowed, and ultimately cured. For more information on progeria, or to find out how you can help, click here. 


Crash Reel is the story of a young gold medal snowboarder who suffered a traumatic brain injury. Kevin Pearce is one of the few snowboarders who has nabbed a gold medal from Shawn White, and through his life journey, he has learned about will, spirit, and acceptance. This story was a truly inspiring one, and a great film for the younger attendees of Mountainfilm. To get more information on the movie, click here. 


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