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2nd Snowiest January on Record in 40 Years

Wow! What a month. Yesterday, we hit more than 8 feet of snow in the month of January, which makes this the second snowiest January in 40 years. This “Snowuary” we haven’t seen the sun or blue sky very much. The color of the month was white and a lot of it! The snow just kept falling, so much so that yesterday we got to witness an exciting event--avalanche control work on Ajax, a beautiful peak that sits at the end of the valley. This is not something you get to see everyday as avalanche mitigation on this iconic peak typically only happens every 4 to 5 years, when conditions mandate. 

Ajax from Caldera Creative on Vimeo.

That powerful force of nature is hard to beat but here are some powder pics from this month (all photos by Ryan Bonneau unless otherwise noted).  Needless to say, the skiing conditions are fantastic. Plan your trip to Telluride now. 








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