Summer in Telluride brings festivals, outdoor dining, iced coffees and friendly main street conversations. But venture just a few blocks beyond town, to any one of the trailheads, and summer in Telluride will also bring waterfalls, wild flowers, mountain lakes and sightings of wildlife. Here is a selection of trails that will remind you why Telluride’s real charm may just be outside the town. These descriptions are brief teasers. 

Before journeying into the backcountry, consult complete hike descriptions and a map, check the weather, and be prepared with adequate food, water and clothing. Local Susan Kees’ Telluride Hiking Guide is a useful companion.

Trails in and around Telluride

Ajax Peak

Alta Lakes

Ballard Boardinghouse

Basin Trail

Bear Creek Trail

Bike Path

Bilk Creek Basin

Black Bear Pass

Blue Lake

Blue Lakes

Bridal Veil Falls

Coonskin Loop Trail