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Hiking is, by far, the most popular activity in the summer season. It’s no surprise, as there is enough terrain in the greater Telluride region to explore a different trail every weekend. Surrounded by an abundance of scenic nature trails, expansive jeep roads, as well as plenty of less-traveled paths, you can choose from a quick afternoon jaunt to multi-day cross-country excursions.

Summer offers a chance to climb fourteeners (peaks that exceed 14,000 feet) or hike from one alpine lake to the next. Venture out and discover the vast terrain of the San Juan Mountains.

Whenever exploring the outdoors in mountain locations, weather can change quickly, and we recommend hiking prepared. Please carry water, sunscreen, a first aid kit, appropriate trail maps, and extra layers for hikes of all durations. Bug spray is also recommended in the summer months.

To view a Mountain Village Hiking Map, click here. 

Telluride Hiking Guide

With over 90 hikes, extreme ski routes, and historic walks around town, the Telluride Hiking Guide provides maps, descriptions and histories of the hiking trails of the area. Written by Susan Kees, a 38-year resident of Telluride, the guide is organized into eight sections and gives all the information needed to enjoy the spectacular highlands of Telluride, plus some historical narrative that brings the mountains to life. Some of the more popular hikes in Telluride are the Bear Creek Canyon Trail, Bridal Veil Falls Trail, the River Trail and the Jud Wiebe Trail. The guide is available at a variety of local retail shops or go learn more online at www.telluridehikingguide.com.

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Your list of trails is very...

Your list of trails is very helpful because it lists the lengthes in one place so I can focus on distances I can handle. Thank you so much!

I am interested in through...

I am interested in through hiking the Lizard Head trail. Is there someone, I might hire to take me back to the beginning shuttle from the end to pick up my car?

Hope lake trail was one of...

Hope lake trail was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever done. We went on this hike in late June and to our luck all the wildflowers were in full bloom. We saw at least 30 varities of wildflowers on the clearly marked trail that takes you through a variety of terrain (streams, forest floor, rocks). I would recommend bringing layers of clothes since the temperature at the lake was noticeably colder then where we started. The final leg of the trail up to the lake is a climb that takes a moderate level of fitness, but is so wonderfully worth the effort!

Hi, Bob. You could contact...

Hi, Bob. You could contact Telluride Express to pick you up. The distance between Lizard Head and the Cross-Mountain Pass trail head is two miles. Many people just hike back along the Galloping Goose. Another pretty common practice is to grab a ride with a fellow hiker. Many of our TTB staff members have been able to do that pretty easily. You could also call Bootdoctors. They do guided hiking and could possibly be available to help with this. www.bootdoctors.com

Hope Lake is a great place to...

Hope Lake is a great place to hike. We are so glad you enjoyed your time, Michael! Please come back and let us know if you would like any other trail recommendations.

Could you please tell us if...

Could you please tell us if the rumor that Lizard Head landmark fell down is true? We had someone from Dolores tell us this and have not heard one word about it.


Hi, Linda! Lizard Head has...

Hi, Linda! Lizard Head has looked the same since the mid/late 1800s. In the 1800s a piece of the rock did fall off but nothing recently has happened to the rock. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

beginning shuttle from the...

beginning shuttle from the end to pick up my car?

Clifford, there are no...

Clifford, there are no shuttles that run between any of the hiking trails. You could coordinate a ride with any of our taxi services or you could talk to any of the outdoor stores about this as well.

What is the hiking like in...

What is the hiking like in early April? We will be out on a visit in two weeks and I'm interested in popular activities t hat time of year outside of skiing?

Hi, Sarah! The ski resort...

Hi, Sarah! The ski resort closes on April 6th so that will be the last day to ski. Things outside of that, you could snowshoe still on many of the trails like Bear Creek Trail and up the toad to Bridal Veil Falls. Hiking is dependent on late season snow but currently Jud Wiebe Trail and Tomboy Road are fairly clear. You might not be able to hike either entirely but would be able to do a great deal. Glider rides are another year-round favorite and fat tire bike rides (see Bootdoctors page). If the terrain is clear of snow, which is possible, you could also just use a regular mountain bike on the Valley Floor. I would suggest you stop by our Visitor's Center when you come to town. They will be able to tell you the best places to hike and give you a full run-down on additional activities!

Hello, I will be visiting...


I will be visiting Telluride for the first time in September. I was wondering if you could tell me which hiking trails are pet friendly?

Thank you!

September is a spectacular...

September is a spectacular time to visit Telluride. All hiking trails are pet friendly and most people do not have their dogs on leashes on the trails. Bear Creek is a great trail to start with-about 5 miles total and goes to a beautiful waterfall. Jud Wiebe is also a great loop above town, 3 miles but it is on the steeper side.

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