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Fly fishing in the beauty of Tellruide
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Fishing in the greater Telluride region can challenge fly fishing experts and entertain beginning enthusiasts. From the Gold Medal Dolores River to the easily accessible San Miguel River, there is a fishing adventure for everyone.

With some of the finest trout streams in the Rocky Mountains, and a variety of lakes, ponds and alpine creeks, Telluride is an angler’s paradise. To make the most of your fishing outing, we recommend learning the waterways and surrounding terrain with the help of a local guide. With an outfitter, you can also choose a float fishing trip or access private waters.

Fishing Etiquette:
  • A fishing license is required in Colorado and can be purchased at most sporting good shops.
  • Most lakes and rivers on Colorado’s Western Slope have a zero to four possession limit depending on species of fish. Ask for the “Colorado Fishing Proclamation” in local sporting good shops for details.
  • Protect river corridors. Avoid trampling plants and causing erosion of banks as it affects fish habitat.
  • Avoid trespassing. River corridors that cross private property cannot be accessed without permission from the landowner.
  • Please learn local regulations, including bait restrictions and catch-and-release sections of the river. To catch and release, buy barbless flies or flatten the barbs on your hooks. Handle fish with wet hands and avoid sunscreen and insect repellent, which can damage the trout’s protective coating.

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While most of my Fly Fishing...

While most of my Fly Fishing in Co. has occurred further north above Creed towards the west slope I can't imagine a ad for fly fishing Telluride that fails to mention that you are home to my favorite and one of the premiere US Fly Rod Companies, Scott Fly Rods.

Hello! We are proud to say...

Hello! We are proud to say that Scott's started here in Telluride but they are actually now located in a factory in Montrose, CO about an hour Northeast of us. They are still sold in town and locals are proud to say they started here! In the building where Scott's started now sits the Telluride Mountain School.

In 2011 I had the opportunity...

In 2011 I had the opportunity to stay for a couple weeks with some good friends who are actually the year round caretakers at Cascabel Club. I had a fine time fishing all over the southwest part of the state but found much of the time it was pretty tough. This was likely due to the lowering pressures brought on by a storm from that chased me down from my 3 night camping trip up at owl creek pass.
By far though, the best fishing was on the San Miguel, both at Cascabel as well as on public waters between there and Telluride. Incredible surroundings and hungry trout (all released after being carefully angled) made for such a wonderful trip!
Heading back up there this October. Can't wait!

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