Spring Off Season Restaurant List

Dining Options for Spring 2017 Off Season

221 South Oak   970-728-9507   Closed April 2nd & will re-open for Mountain Film for the Summer 
Aemono   970-728-2085   April 2 9am-4pm M-F Closed April 15th-30th, reopen with off season hours till end May
Allred's   970-728-7474   Closed April 1st & will re-open on May 26th 
Alpinist & the Goat   970-728-5028   Closed Tuesday and an additional day that's TBD In Season, open Wed-Mon, Closed Tuesday
Alpino Vino   970-728-7560   Closed March 25th for the Ski Season, will re-open next ski season
Altezza   970-728-2525   Closed on April 3rd and will re-open for the Summer Season on May 25th 
Baked in Telluride   970-728-4775   Open 7 days a week from 5:30am- 10pm
Big Billie's    970-728-7556   Closed April 2 for the Winter Season 
Bijou Restaurant & Lounge   970-369-0400   Closed April 3rd re-open mid June for the Summer Season
Black Iron Kitchen   970-369-8949   Closed April 3rd re-open May 21st 
Bon Vivant   970-728-7441   Closed April 2nd for the season
Brown Bag   970-728-5556   Closed Sat/Sunday and Closed for 2 weeks for Spring Break 
Brown Dog   970-728-8046   Open 7 days a week 11am-9pm 
Butcher & The Baker   970-728-2899   Closed April 2nd-16th, Open on April 17th with regular hours 
Caravan   970-728-5611   Open but weather dependent 
Cindy Bread   970-369-1116   Closed April 1-April 16, Open on April 17th with regular hours 
Coffee Cowboy   970-708-0294   Open 7 days a week from 7am-5pm
Cornerhouse Grille   970-728-6207   Open 11am-10pm Mon-Fri, 11am-12am Sat-Sun
Cosmopolitan   970-728-1292   Closed April 2, re-open May 24th for the Summer Season 
Crazy Elk    970-728-7499   Closed April 2, re-open July 1st for the Summer Season
Esperanza’s Tequilas   970-728-8399   TBD
Floradora Saloon   970-728-8884   Closed April 9th-May 11th, re-open May 12th with regular hours 
Ghost Town   970-300-4334   Closed April 1-16th, re-open April 17 M-F 8am-2pm
Gorrono Ranch   970-728-7578   Closed April 2nd for the season
Guisseppe's   970-728-7503   Closed April 2nd for the season
High Camp    970-728-6900   Closed April 2nd for the season
High Pie   970-728-2978   Closed April 2nd and re-open May 23
La Cocina de Luz   970-728-9355   Regular Hours 8am-9pm, 7 days a week 
La Marmotte   970-728-6232   Closed April 2-May 4th, reopen May 5 normal hours 
La Piazza del Villagio   970-728-8283   Closed April 2, re-open May 24th 
Last Dollar Saloon   970-728-4800   Sent an email
The Liberty Bar & Lounge    970-728-2542   Will be open 5 days a week during the Off-Season 
M Club    970-369-8949   Closed April 3rd re-open May 21st 
New Sheridan Bar   970-728-4351   Closed April 3 or 4th, re-open on May 19th
New Sheridan Chop House   970-728-9100   Closed April 4th at 2:00pm, re-open May 19th for dinner, re-open for Brunch on May 20th 
New Sheridan Roof Top Bar   970-728-9100   Open for Summer weather dependant Memorial Day Weekend May 26th 
Nook @ Hotel Telluride   970-369-1188   Closed April 2, reopen Memorial Day Weekend 
Oak   970-728-3985   Closed April 2, reopen first week of May 
O'Bannons   970-728-6139   Regular Hours 12pm-2am, 7 days a week 
Over the Moon   970-728-2079   Closed April 8-May 24th, reopen May 25th 
Pescado   970-239-6025   Closed April 1, reopen June date TBD
Poacher's    970-728-9647   Closed April 8-May 21, reopen May 22
Rustico   970-728-4046   Closed April 2,  reopen May 2nd Local Night Tuesday & Thursday 
RBG   970-728-5134   Closed April 2nd, reopen April 27th Dinner only 4/28-5/24
Sawpit Mercantile    970-728-9898   New Hours Starting April 1  11am-7am Monday-Friday, normal hours end of May
Shanghai Palace   970-728-0882   Closed for one week in April  which is TBD and then open regular hours 
Siam   970-728-6886   Closed April 1-May 15, re-open May 16
Smugglers   970-728-5620   Open Normal Hours 12 pm-9pm 
Starbucks    970-369-8993   Closed April 3-May 14, reopen May 15 from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. 
Steamies Burger Bar   844-the-buns   Open 7 days 8am-10pm
Tacos del Gnar   970-728-7938   Closed April 1-10th, reopen on April 11th with normal hours and closed Sun/Mon
Talay   970-728-6293   Closed April 1 re-open May 25 for Summer Season 
Telluride Bistro   970-728-5239   Closed April 4, reopen May 24th 
Telluride Truffle   970-728-9565   Town Shop Closed April 2- May 9th re-open, May 10th  Lawson Hill Open all off season 
The Phoenix Bean   970-728-9100   Closed April 4th-May 4th
The View Bar & Grill   970-369-6021   Closed April 2, reopen May 25 for the Summer Season 
There     970-728-1213   Reopens May 25th for summer season 
Tomboy Tavern   970-728-7467   Closed April 2, reopen May 25th for the Summer Season 
Tracks Café & Bar   970-728-0677   Closed April 3-May 23rd 
Village Table   970-728-1117   Closed March 30th, reopen 25 May

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