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Why Colorado Is The Ideal Destination Anytime of the Year

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Colorado is like Switzerland but with cowboys. With its soaring elevations and egg crate of mountains at every vantage, the state became an obvious must-do for skiers and après-skiers. And then summer caught on. With next-to-no humidity and 300 days of sunshine a year - more than Miami or San Diego (a stat every local is primed and proud to tell you) - it hasn’t been a hard conversion. In the spring you can ski and play golf in the same day. Landlocked, Colorado has Utah to the west, Wyoming to the north, Kansas to its east and New Mexico below. Rugged beauty triumphs here, as Colorado has the geographical equivalent to the safari’s big five – the green rolling hills that could be set to a Hammerstein soundtrack with Julie Andrews leading charge, the arid desert, the Rocky Mountains powdered with snow, the river canyons and that sky. The sky here is Matisse blue.

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