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The Best 8 Mountain Resorts for So-So Skiers

I caught the ski bug at 43, after a false start. Having been deposited atop a mogulled run by a boyfriend in my 20s (he sped down leaving me to descend by rump), I was in no rush to strap on skis again. Some two decades later, a girlfriend invited me to Utah’s Park City Mountain Resort. Instead of foolishly braving too-difficult terrain, we took lessons with an affable instructor, gleefully shrieked through extra-wide turns and felt supremely accomplished as our face plants became less frequent. The après-ski bubbly soothed our singed muscles, the 5 p.m. massage even more so. Since then, I’ve become what is delicately known as a powder pig. I count the days until ski season opens. Though the physical challenge is part of the attraction, truth be told it’s the mental liberation—being forced to live in the moment—that hooked me. My drive isn’t to be an expert. I simply want to hone my mediocre skiing abilities and bask in the charms of a glamorous resort, content that I’ve earned every bit of pampering.

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