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Squidshow Theatre to Present Inaccurate Reenactments

Squidshow Theatre sponsors Heritage Fest's Evening Entertainment 

Telluride, Colorado (June 4, 2010) – Moonshine Larry. Misty Maiden. Lon Remine. Swan Swanson. Big Billie. Telluride’s heritage hosts a full cast of characters with legends to match, not all of which are suited for the kids. 

As part of this year’s Heritage Fest, a community and free festival, SquidShow Theatre is sponsoring the evening and adult portion of festivities on Saturday, June 12, with an updated production of their wildly popular "Inaccurate Reenactments" at the Sheridan Opera House. 

Inaccurate Reenactments, originally commissioned by the Telluride Historical Museum, has already been performed by the troupe to packed houses three times this past winter. The demand for the raucous show is still high, and the performers are quick to admit that they can’t wait to reenact the historical skits. In fact, the Squids are adding some new stories, history and characters for the summer edition of the show. “We can’t stop adding to the script, our local history is so chock full of amazing stories, and we love to perform these characters,” said Sasha Cucciniello, SquidShow Theatre founder.  

The show has become a bit of a cult-classic. Local Todd Brown has seen every performance of "Inaccurate Reenactments" and has been known to blurt out lines along with the characters. He’s not the only one. “Friends don’t let friends miss this show,” said Lauren Bloemsma, director of the Telluride Historical Museum. The original play was commissioned last year to broaden the museum’s demographic. “We’re just so grateful that SquidShow Theatre is sponsoring this performance and adding a great new element to our Heritage Fest curriculum.”

Sponsoring the Heritage Fest "Inaccurate Reenactments" is a measure of success for the organization who have previously relied on sponsorship from the museum to pay for the venue. “So many great organizations collaborate to make Heritage Fest a free festival. We’re honored to join their ranks,” said Cucciniello. “This would not have been possible if not for the Telluride Foundation’s Text-to-Give contest,” she added.  

SquidShow Theatre’s Heritage Fest presentation of "Inaccurate Reenactments," which will include new characters and skits, will be performed on June 12, after a day’s worth of main street and Depot Buidling Heritage Fest activities at the Sheridan Opera House. Doors at 8 p.m. and showtime is at 8:30p.m. The show is free with a cash bar. Seating will be offered on a first-come, first-seated basis. Per usual, the actors will seek donations from the audience by “passing the hat” immediately after the show.  For more information, visit