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Sheridan Opera House: 1878-1913; A Centennial Celebration of Telluride's Early Years

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1878-1913: A Centennial Celebration of Telluride’s Early Years

The Town of Telluride, Telluride Historical Museum and Sheridan Arts Foundation celebrate 100th anniversary of Telluride’s early years Saturday, July 6


Telluride, CO, June 26, 2013 — The Town of Telluride, Telluride Historical Museum and Sheridan Arts Foundation are commemorating the Sheridan Opera House’s 100th birthday by celebrating Telluride’s 17 local historical landmark structures with birthday cake, a pie eating contest, beverages and more at the Oak Street Park (outside the SOH) on July 6, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 


“The Sheridan Arts Foundation will celebrate the Sheridan Opera House’s 100th birthday with an elegant 1920s themed Speakeasy Gala the night of July 6 and we are honored the town and museum approached us to help with the celebration,” said Sheridan Arts Foundation Event Director Ronnie Palamar.  


The Sheridan Opera House was the last commercial building build during Telluride’s Period of Significance, 1878-1913, which classified Telluride as a National Historic Landmark District in 1961. The gathering on July 6 will commemorate all 17 local landmarks and the Telluride Historical Landmark District with cakes representing four areas of Telluride: Main Street, Residential, Warehouse Commercial and Railroad/Red Light District.


“Telluride became a National Historic Landmark District more than 50 year ago, and much has changed since,” said Erica Kinias, executive director of the Telluride Historical Museum. “Would someone who lived in Telluride during the period of significance — still recognize it today? In 1961 when Telluride became a Landmark District, the answer to that question was a clear, “yes.” 


The 17 historic landmarks are: 

The New Sheridan Hotel (231-235 W. Colorado Avenue), the Nugget Building (201 W. Colorado Ave.), The San Miguel Courthouse (305 W. Colorado Ave.), Fin Hall (440 W. Pacific St.), Depot (300 S. Townsend St.), Davis House/Waggoner House (207 N. Oak St.), Weller House (513 W. Columbia St.), Telluride School (447 W. Columbia St.), Nunn Club House/Pinhead House (427 W. Columbia), Town Hall (135 W. Columbia), Miners Hospital/Museum (201 W. Gregory), Miners Union Hospital (107 W Columbia St.), McCoy/Waggoner House (234 N. Pine),  St. Patrick’s Church (301 N. Spruce St.), Sheridan Opera House (110 N. Oak St.), Pick and Gad (220 S. Pine St), and the Cribs (121-127 E. Pacific St.). 


“What is the Period of Significance and why is it so important?” said Mayor Stu Fraser. 


“Every structure built during that period of time ending with the Sheridan Opera House, qualified for being significant to Telluride in securing the highly honored position of National Historic Landmark District,” he said.  


:While some buildings no longer exist there are over 450 that do.  They make Telluride what it is today while honoring what it was during that period.  It sets us apart from virtually everyone else.  There are only seven other sites in Colorado that carry this coveted title. We have grown from a mining town, to one of the top rated ski resort communities, to a community that cares for its workers, to a community that just received the highest state award for Creative Arts.  While Telluride grew from mining roots we have continued to spread our roots to become sustainable, while still embracing all that has made us who we are."  


Fraser will read a proclamation from the Town of Telluride honoring the 100th birthday of the Period of Significance related to the architectural significance and local and national Historic Landmark District designations. 


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The Sheridan Opera House is located at:

110 N. Oak St., P.O. Box 2680, Telluride, CO 81435

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Media Contact: Kathrine Warren