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EcoActionPartners: Announceing September's EcoAction Roundtable

Media Contact: Emily Kuehn 970-728-5208 Announcing September’s EcoAction Roundtable – Lend us your EAR! "Solar Systems Made Simple AND Featured Solar Home" September 8th, 2012 8:30am at the Program Room in the 5 Star Wilkinson Public Library Join EcoAction Partners at the Wilkinson Public Library Program Room on September 8th at 8:30 am for September’s EcoAction Roundtable. Come learn about how different solar power systems work, the benefit of ownership, and have your burning solar questions about answered by a local renewable energy expert. Tyler Mize, local Renewable Energy Consultant with Alternative Power Enterprises, will be joining EcoAction Partners and participants in a discussion about Solar System Basics. Topics will include the ins and outs of solar systems, including solar electric systems, solar thermal for your domestic hot water & heating needs, how the systems work, benefits to net metering, the low costs of the systems with utility and government incentives, and the potential advantage of ownership to all systems. Alternative Power Enterprises is a solar energy company offering solar system design, installation, and maintenance services. They specialize in ground and roof-mounted photovoltaic solar systems, both grid-tied and off-grid, as well as solar thermal systems. Alternative Power Enterprises serves Ridgway, Montrose, Telluride, Hotchkiss, Delta, Ouray, Norwood, Nucla, Grand Junction, Paonia, Gunnison, Silverton, and elsewhere. Alternative Power Enterprises’ solar panel installation services help clients reduce the environmental impact of homes, lowering energy consumption and utility costs over a long period of time. September’s EcoAction Roundtable will also feature a profile of solar-powered green home by local realtor Chris Binner. Built in 2009, this self-sustaining custom home on 7 acres is completely off the grid. The materials used are mostly made of recycled content, reused materials, and natural products. Some of the green features are: solar power, highly insulative rastra block walls, American Clay wall finishes, bamboo floors and recycled blue jeans insulation. An attached greenhouse provides a place to grow food and also provides heat for the house. Other features include cabinetry of local barnwood, natural fiber insulated curtains to save heat, and wool carpeting. The self-sustainability comes not only from the products used to build the house, but also the fact that the home creates its own power, heat, and collects its own water. Overall this home represents some of the best practices for living sustainably, and EcoAction Partners wants to share it with you. Please join EcoAction Partners on September 8th, 8:30 am at the five star Wilkinson Public Library for September’s EcoAction Roundtable where you can learn the basics and benefits of owning solar, and see it in practice with our solar home feature. Hope to see you there! EcoAction Partners’ mission is to inspire, initiate and support collaborative community actions that enhance resilient economic, environmental and social systems. The 2012 work plan includes three main focus areas: Energy - efficiency, conservation, renewable and green building, Resource Recovery and Recycling – reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rethink, and Food – localizing our food supply. These efforts all help to realize the vision of world where people and their communities partner to enhance local self-reliance and ensure a sustainable future. If you haven’t signed up for the EcoAction Initiative, a carbon footprint saving community program – please do! Learn tools and ideas to reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and monitor the results of your efforts! EcoAction will help you save energy, money and be more comfortable in your own home or business. Contact us at 728-5208 or or visit: