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The Origins and Evolution of the Namaskar with visiting teacher Lily Russo

A workshop to deepen your understanding, alignment, and appreciation of the sun salutation. Almost everyone who has some experience in yoga is familiar with Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation. But with many variations and little context provided in most classes, it can be confusing to know where it came from, what are the benefits, and what is the best way for each student to practice it? A combination of lecture and practice, this workshop will teach the origins of the Namaskar as a humble bow of prostration in between rounds of the Gayatri mantra honoring the sun, and progress to teach several variations of the modern Sun Salutation. A tutorial on the various ways to transition in between rounds will assist students in learning the most effective, aligned, and safe way to chatturanga, and other transition vinyasas. Photographic handouts will be given to help students continue practicing these beneficial, energy creating sequences at home. $30

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