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The Art of Personal Finance: Tackling Debt (& Finding Extra Money!) with Christine Odle

If you have any sort of debt – car loans, house loans, credit cards, student loans, personal loans or any other type of money owed to a friend or family member this class is for you. Even if you don’t have any debt in your life, most certainly you have heard someone gripe about not being able to do something because they didn’t have enough money or they have to work to pay off their debts. In this series of three one-hour classes, we will dissect the perceptions of debt. You will walk away knowing EXACTLY how a credit score works, when it’s important to have a good score and how to manage your score. If you have debt, learn how to aggressively get out of debt while still living a good life. And the best part is learning how to find extra money in your life to do more of the things you want to do.

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