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Little Red Riding Hood: New Works by Ally Crilly

Artist Statement At first I thought I was the little girl in the hood. Lured in by a wolf to be ravaged. But I am really tired of the story of the woman being the victim, needing to be rescued. As I’m researching and painting I am seeing myself as the wolf more. These folk tales are the story of the psyche told over and over. I have always wondered why the wolf ate the grandmother. And how could she not tell it was the wolf??? As an adult I can see wishful thinking, the wolf as the medicine for transformation, red blood, sex, and more. This show is a result of studies done with Madhuri Martin, Judyth Hill, and Robert Weatherford. So many thanks to Ah Haa, always. Biography Painting is how I can best tell the truth. It is a messy unpredictable process for me. I am currently mostly painting portraits of women. When the flow is happening, I know I’m supposed to paint. When it’s not, it’s excruciating. I’m learning to paint regardless, and wait for the moments in which it makes sense and just ride the rest of them out. I’m also learning to do this in my life. Art has to surprise me in some way for it to interest me. My first paintings were of elephants. I still am inspired by them. They are fascinating. Fierce, beautiful, brave, sorrowful, injured, angry, grounded, wise, complicated; they are a never ending source of inspiration and connection. I feel their pain, you can see it in their eyes along with their wisdom and a sense of the absurd. Ganesha, the hindu deity inspired my love as well. The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha is helpful with transition, boundaries, thresholds and, of course, much more. He creates the faith to remove all obstacles. He also places the obstacles in your path, as they really are the path.

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