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International Validation of Skills with Canyoning Colorado

The Assistant Instructor International Validation of Skills course is a direct entry course for canyoners who possess a valid training certificate from a training provider other than International Canyoning Organization for Professionals (ICOpro). This course is designed for canyoners who have already completed a canyoning training course program with another professional, federal organization or association but wish to become ICOpro affiliated. Canyoning Colorado is the first company to offer ICOpro courses in the USA; with these courses you are able to broaden your professional career, without starting courses again from the beginning. This 14-day course, 2 days pre-learning / 2 days validation of skills / 10 days Assistant Instructor curriculum, will ensure the candidate has sufficient skills to integrate into the ICOpro framework. At the end of this course, the candidate will possess sufficient technical abilities to supervise a group in case of accident or force majeure. You will also be able to assist an ICOpro Canyoning Instructor. With the International Validation of Skills, Canyoning Colorado can help you transition and become affiliated with the International Canyoning Organization for Professionals, depending on certain conditions. If you are new to canyoning but looking to be autonomous in the canyon, or wish to build on your current skills set, check out the Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 course listed on our website. Visit to learn more about Canyoning Colorado LLC, ICOpro and the different course options available in Ouray, Colorado. Canyoning Colorado LLC operates under a Special Use Permit from the Uncompahgre National Forest.

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