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DIG DEEP: Creative Exploration & Idea Generation for Every Artist with Sasha Sullivan

Let loose, get open and go deep to explore your creativity – visual artist, writer, performer or otherwise. Where do our best ideas come from? How do you access your muse? What can you do to get out of a creative rut? Every person is creative, but few of us give ourselves the chance to explore our own creativity. This summer, take some time to do just that with Telluride Theatre Artistic Director, celebrated playwright, performer and director Sasha Sullivan. The mastermind behind a number of productions, including Telluride’s wildly popular Burlesque shows, Sasha will guide students through exercises in writing, speaking, moving, and making. The goal is to access our artistic selves and most imaginative ideas in a safe, supportive and fun environment. This class has something for everyone – visual artists, writers and performers alike.

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