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Screening of "Uranium Drive-In" and Q&A with Producer Michelle Hill

The Telluride Historical Museum is hosting a screening of locally-produced documentary film,Uranium Drive-In. The screening and Q&A by producer Michelle Hill also serves as a prelude for the Museum’s guided field trip to the town-site of Uravan, led in conjunction with the Rimrocker Historical Society.

Uravan was a Manhattan Project site where Uranium was mined for use in bomb-making. It boomed twice afterwards – once for the Cold War buildup and once for nuclear power in the 1970s. Eventually it was evacuated, but interest in Uranium mining is making a comeback in the area, and it’s a more contentious issue than ever. 

Synopsis: The promise of jobs from a proposed uranium mill has an economically devastated mining community in Colorado hopeful for the first time in decades. When environmentalists step in to stop the mill, pro-mill advocates are enraged. A debate ensues, pitting jobs against health and the environment.
Without judgment, both sides of the issue are brought to life in heart-wrenching detail as the film follows conflicting opinions and visions for the future. The film offers no easy answers but aims instead to capture personal stories and paint a portrait of the lives behind this nuanced and complex issue.

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