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Cuttlebone-Cast Pendants & Rings

Cuttlebone-Cast Pendants & Rings JENNIFER DEWEY Saturday & Sunday, January 18 & 19 | 10am – 5:00pm | $195 + $65 materials Make a cuttlebone-cast bronze pendant or rings and then add a hand fabricated bezel setting with a gemstone or flat-backed object, and patina. Cuttlebone is a soft, carve-able shell-like bone from the sea that withstands high temperatures. After carving a simple design into the bone, molten metal is poured inside through a channel. Once cool, the cuttlebone can be opened to reveal your very own three-dimensional piece. Students will spend day one casting a ring or small pendant and day two creating a bezel setting on the previous day’s casting and setting the stone. Some previous metalsmithing experience is required. Students have the option of taking just the first or both classes. Silver may be used instead of bronze for an extra fee. Students may purchase gemstones from the instructor or bring their own flat-backed gem or other object.

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