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Doctor Robert Concert - Beatles Tribute Band

Come Join Us at the Telluride Conference Center this Thursday, 09/13/12! Doctor Robert is a new generation of Beatles tribute bands, with a commitment to the accurate reproduction of over 100 songs of The Beatles’ repertoire. Doctor Robert redefines the concept of a Beatles tribute band, playing extended sets of music ranging from “Please Please Me” to “Abbey Road” with no two set lists ever being the same. Their high-energy shows are full of Beatles magic, as Casey Falter, Karen Janssen, Ben Wright, and Kevin Reinert love the challenge of re-creating even the most demanding musical compositions live onstage. Dressed in “Ed Sullivan”-style suits (and a black mod-style dress with colorful tights), Doctor Robert brings playful enthusiasm and a fresh sound to the classic music and genius of the Beatles. For Doctor Robert, it’s purely about the music and the infectious energy it creates in a live setting, as they do not attempt to impersonate The Beatles.

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