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Pinhead Punk Science: Silly Slime and Polymers at their Prime

Put on your safety goggles!  Scientists with exploding gases and rocket ships are coming to town this summer.  During these incredible events, children learn about atomic reactions, chemistry, physics, and more in hands-on, kid friendly activities with leading PhD scientists.  It's cool science all the time, outside a school setting. Tuesday, August 7: Silly Slime and Polymers at their Prime Sticky Scientist – Dr. Susan DeSensi 5:00 – 6:00 PM Telluride High School Cafeteria Admission: $2 per Punk Description: Get silly with putty and other polymers that will behave in wacky ways before your eyes! Gaze in awe as styrofoam cups are disintegrated by a crazy chemical! Sticky, stringy substances and polymers will prime your chemical curiosities!

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