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Telluride Historical Museum Presents: Fireside Chats

Telluride Historical Museum presents their series, "Fireside Chats." Gather ‘round the fire to hear writers, historians, and even scientists talk about all aspects of Telluride history. The free "Fireside Chats" are held at the Great Room Fireplace in the Peaks Resort and Spa and at ACES of Norwood. For more information, call 970.728.3344x2.


Thursday, August 11: Fireside Chat: Ames Power Plant Revealed by Alfred Hughes. 5:30p.m. at The Peaks.  

Thursday, August 18: Fireside Chat with Tom "Dr. Colorado" Noel on "The Silvery San Juan: A Liquid History & Tavern Guide" 5:30p.m. at The Peaks.

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