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Telluride Plein-Air

Telluride Plein-Air provides the unique opportunity to observe some of the nation's top plein-air artists as they capture the area's flower-filled meadows, majestic mountain views and this historic downtown that dates back to the turn of the last century.

On July 3rd and 4th Elks Park and the courtyard located in front of the historic Sheridan Opera House are reserved for an exhibition and sale of the pieces created during this week-long celebration of plein air painting.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to meet the artists, learn about outdoor painting and support art education in the community.

What is Plein Air?

Plein air or outdoor painting dates from the 19th century, when Englishman John Constable and the French Barbizon painters rejected traditional artistic formulas and sought to depict everyday subjects in natural settings. These Realists inspired the Impressionists, who believed objects in nature were not form, but rather light that could be conveyed by color. Led by Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Edouard Degas, Auguste Renoir, and others, the Impressionists took their paint tubes and easels outdoors, where they recreated the world as colors that suggested light. Initially rebuffed for what appeared to be unfinished paintings, the Impressionist vision soon became a standard for truthfully conveying the outdoor experience.

Today, there are more than 500 registered plein-air artists in the United States working "en plein air" to capture the light and colors particular to a location.

To book a lodging package for Plein Air and the Fourth of July holiday, call Telluride Central Reservations at 888.605.2578.

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