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Telluride Region Alternative Futures Study Presentation

The Telluride Foundation has contracted with the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University (Harvard) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to conduct an Alternative Futures Study, which would take approximately one year to complete and involve a public, community-based effort.  The Study uses advanced global information systems (GIS) computer modeling to project the 20-30 year economic, ecological and community impacts of various near term decision scenarios. The principal objectives of this study are to understand and model regional scale economic, ecological and community interactions and to assist the Telluride Foundation and regional community leaders in  decision making that might affect the future of the region.

To reach this objective, research team will develop a set of at least six alternative future scenarios, based on current conditions and reasonable assumptions for the region, and assess their impact on transportation, traffic, tourism, visual corridors, biodiversity, water quality, land use, and other consequences.  The results will constitute a synthesis of the best available data and knowledge of existing land use, development and conservation options, and reasonable projections of their likely impacts. 

Both Advisory and Technical Committees have been created to oversee the project, comprised of land use planners, GIS experts, public land managers, government officials and staff, community leaders, and nonprofits.  These committees will also serve as a resource panel for Harvard and MIT researchers.

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