Telluride Gondola

Telluride Gondola

The towns of Telluride and Mountain Village are linked by a spectacular, 13-minute ride on a free gondola—the first and only free public transportation system of its kind in the United States. This popular scenic attraction provides access to hiking and biking trails in the summer and the ski slopes in the winter. Passengers can load the gondola in either Mountain Village or Telluride and ride to the midway point (Station St. Sophia from which hiking, biking and ski trails are accessed) and then continue on to the other side.

Once you discover this unique mountain mode of travel, you'll find a front row seat to view Mother Nature from 10,500 feet. The ride from Telluride to Station San Sophia has an elevation change of 1,750 feet; the ride from Station San Sophia to Mountain Village has a 960-foot conversion. The gondola runs daily from 7 a.m. to midnight during summer and winter. On select event dates, extended hours may be in place. The gondola closes for a short duration in the late spring and fall for maintenance and other operational needs.
The gondola has three primary stations where you can board and unload:

  • Station Telluride (Oak Street) – access to Telluride
  • Station St. Sophia (mid-mountain stop) – access to Allred’s Restaurant & Bar, The Ridge Club and ski resort trails and runs
  • Station Mountain Village – access to Mountain Village

Just across from Station Mountain Village, a shorter gondola stretch connects to Station Village Parking, where the free parking garage, Town Hall and the Mountain Market are located.
Handicap-accessible cabins are available, as well as pet cabins for well-behaved animals on leashes. Please ask a gondola attendant for help boarding; they can slow down the cabins for those with strollers, wheel chairs, etc.
In the winter, ski and snowboard racks are mounted on the exterior of cabins, and gondola attendants help load equipment. Blankets are also available at each station to offer warmth during the ride. In the summer, bike racks are mounted on the exterior of the cabins, and gondola attendants help load bikes.

Quick Facts:
  • Fast: Each cabin travels at 11 mph, and the ride from Telluride to Mountain Village takes 13 minutes.
  • Free: With the support of a number of community financial sources, the gondola is free to ride.
  • Green: Electricity used to operate the gondola comes from wind power purchased from San Miguel Power Association.
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