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PHOTOS: Cool Vintage Winter Ski Gear in Photos

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For winter sports enthusiasts, spending countless hours pouring over gear reviews to find the latest and greatest for the upcoming season is par for the course. For those gear heads, it's unimaginable to think about using the same skis or boards we used just five seasons ago. Let's take a trip back further than your 2009 Salomon ski boots that you have hidden in the back of your closet to a time when gear just looked, well, funny.  

Taken in 1938, Image: National Archief


Taken in the 1920s, Image: Derek Flack


1948 Ad Campaign, Image: The Vintage Traveler



Those ski boots from 2009 are starting to look pretty high-tech now, aren't they? Thank goodness for innovation! 

For those of you who worry about having nightmares about using any of these ancient contraptions, put your mind at ease by heading over to the Telluride-based Wagner Custom Skis & Snowboard site and give yourself something amazing to dream about! 

Want to see more vintage winter fun? Check-out these vintage winter sport photos! Or head over to our vintage Pinterest board


Taken in 1916, Image: Derek Flack


Taken in 1933, Image: National Archief


Taken in 1935, Image: National Archief


See a full article of photos on here

Cover image: Derek Flack


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