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The Best Places to Ride in Telluride

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Guest blog by David Bender

Nestled at the end of a box canyon in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride is the ideal spot for a mountain vacation. It is also a sweet abode to the Colorado single-track .

Navigating the roads is a roller-coaster affair because of the complicated terrain. The best time of the year to bring a DH bike along is during the 28th-29th of July. It is the time of the year when the Mountain States Cup visits the place, and there are so much fun and adventure, where contestants cycle downhill for the World Cup course.

Rico Telluride

Bike cycling to Rico from Telluride is on the rise as more people are enjoying riding on the fantastic roads. Besides people who drive on these roads are aware of the many cyclists, and though it could be uncomfortable at times, they drive with much care. When on a bike you can travel a great distance while covering a lot of miles, without any worry as speed can be fun at times.

People who go to Telluride can also rent bikes from a well-known shop called Box Canyon; the owner advises that it is imperative to have the right gear when embarking on these cycling trips as it ensures the safety of a person.

Mountain Village

Mountain Village offers the best riding terrains as they have a beginners schedule to those of the most advanced riders. The destination is renowned for having won some accolades on a yearly basis for its technical terrain and exquisite backdrops. Their trails can be accessed via gondola at the station of St. Sophia, and each cabin is well equipped with bike racks that can be purchased or rented out. While on these roads riding, the following rules need to be adhered to:-

1.    The rider has a sole responsibility of avoiding objects, pedestrians, and other riders.

2.    Cyclists must be able to maintain control and course of their speed at all times

3.    When riding through the plazas, a cyclist must reduce their pace to that of pedestrian

Lizard Head Pass

Cycling in Lizard Head Pass is an experience worth re-living. The trail traverses through the Black Face Mountain, and despite the panoramic ridge being a long route it is worth passing through to get a glimpse of the most scenic views. The terrain is also strenuous and as we all know most riders love a challenge. There are many ridges and alpine up to four miles long, and it is advisable always to have an early start to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms.

San Juan Skyway

Being part of the San Juan Skyway bike tour can be likened to an epic treat as it is a decade ride. The cycling will take you through the incredible San Juan Mountains that are strategically located in Southwest part of Colorado. It is a place of ancient ruins, national parks, deserted ruins and some of the most picturesque sceneries in the United States. The routes here are also technical and most skilled riders navigate through them quickly.

Red Mountain

Are you in need of distance and exhilarating challenges? Red Mountain is the place to be as it has great routes where you can ride solo or with friends. Use your discretion well and prepare those legs well before going for the ride. It entails going downhill and riding up the Dallas divide as you continue right back to Ridgway before starting another formidable climb towards Ouray.

Red Mountain is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the route has been termed as the ‘Million Dollar Highway. ‘Whenever you think Red Mountain always put all faculties intact as it is all mental and this will be vital in conquering the task.

Apart from the usual hype, there is an annual mountain to the desert bike rides that is a fundraising event aimed at raising money to Just for Kids Foundation. Each dollar given during the bike racing is given to the Carstens Family Fund at the Denver Foundation which in turn gives it to Organizations dealing with youths in the world.

 The Wasatch Connection

The Wasatch Connection is possibly one of the most technical (this is a ride for EXPERTS only) and exciting rides in Telluride. Starting at the top of the main Gondola, San Sophia station and heads you towards the See-Forever trail. The beautiful areas along the trails offer a great view of the Bear Creek basin. The other half of this ride will take you downhill where you will experience the use of a narrower trail.

 The Boomerang

The Boomerang is an intermediate trail for most riders. It is a bit tricky to locate, but it is enjoyable as it meanders downhill to the starts close to the sunshine express lift, begins again at the top of the Gondola to another high lift. As you go on you, pass through the Alta Lakes road, and you can only be able to see the lake if you traverse via the extensive meadows.

The Jurassic

The longer and easier route to ride on is the Jurassic that is usually preferable for beginners. It starts right from the Peak Resort off the country club before leading you to Adams Ranch road. Most people on this trail are new to cycling hence you can always take the path at a comfortable pace.

The Gentleman’s Loop

It’s a fun, 15-mile cross country ride. Using it, a rider can leave the top of Gondola station and return to town. The ride combines Jurassic Trail with Prospect Trail and the Upper Valley Floor. It features rolling cross country and tricky climbs. If you enjoy riding downhill the mountain, it’s also an ideal place for that. Route finding is effortless as the trail has wooden sign posts. Most of the Uphill covers the first third of you ride.

Telluride has every route for every rider whether you like cross country, cycling downhill or uphill. The experience is well worth it. So, next time, you’re thinking of the best place to go cycling, grab your mountain bike and explore one of the routes above.


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